Autonomy project at Tierra del Corazon

We are a young family of 4 opening up our little paradise of 12 hectares to another family or individuals in the same wave of love, consciousness and desire to live a resilient lifestyle with a goal to be self sustainable in food, shelter and energy. We currently have a small scale agriculture project, small fruits and orchard in the works.
We are unschoolers so ideally a family would also homeschool and those without children would be respectful of this way of education.

In this wild land we have a rich biodiversity with many plant and animal allies. There are 4 hectares of wood that would be open for everyone and all three ponds as well. There are clean water sources on site as well.

What we offer is to open up 1 or 2 hectares of land for a tiny home, “roulotte”, caravan.., in exchange of a small rent fee in the beginning and wanting for a long term installation where the person would become owner of the land as well with a share.
We are located 30 minutes south of Limoges in Limousin France.
We live completely off the grid and the people who join would also be and would need to assure their own shelter and energy…

Above all we want to live a beautiful human experience with good people.

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