Baka Delirium Eco-Village

With a 100% organic garden grown in permaculture, it aims to feed the community living on site, but it is also for educational purposes to transmit knowledge and reconnect with nature. The outdoor space is interactive: each person can be involved in its evolution through coaching, documentation and practice.

The social :
In an environment in which people from different parts of the world come together, many exchanges emerge and the discovery is limitless. Large spaces are arranged around various activities such as sports, handicrafts and meals. People do various activities according to their tastes and meetings are created both in the community and in original gatherings as conferences.

The culture :
The Brittany country is a set of customs and traditions deeply rooted in Celtic history. The rich and diverse culture of this place is visible in all areas such as language, gastronomy, architecture but also in art such as dance, music and literature. Brittany offers a broad panorama of possibilities in cultural enrichment.

Some of the first activities presented will be art design and painting, as well as the discovery of the region and it’s surprising landscapes.
We have about 20 beds, shared in between three houses and a large dorm.

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