The Catfarm is an off-grid community of travelers, (digital) nomads, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, and purpose-driven people with the will to explore an alternative lifestyle closer to nature. Armed with old knowledge, instant communication, miraculous technology, and sheer strength of will, we hope to inspire all social classes to switch to a more respectful way of living in this high-speed changing world.

We merge people’s skills to develop projects, trainings, events, and hope to flourish into a self-sufficient paradise. Together, through sharing our knowledge openly in a place of safety we can make anything possible. We invite you to join us in building a bright and fulfilling future.

So far, as well as adapting the farmhouse and surroundings to produce food and gather solar energy, our biggest projects have included upcycling an old Peugeot into a bedroom, building a tipi, and starting to host youth exchanges run by our friends at Catfarm Education. We have now set our sights on building the Hackersfarm, a series of geodesic domes where we will delve further into permaculture and create spaces for art and upcycling protected from the weather. Or at least, that’s the plan at the moment, although like all our plans it may adapt and change as new travelers with their many skills and ideas make their contributions.

We have been providing a home for roaming souls, and have slowly gathered together an international community of creatives and nomads that design co-owned projects. We aim to develop our own lifestyle in harmony with nature, as well as building links with the local community and educating people to reduce waste, work together, express their creativity and understand the benefits of community life and learning from one another.


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