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We are looking for long-term and permanent residents and investors.

We are vegan community (Vivien, Bluette, Sylvain, volunteers, guests and visitors) living on 21 hectares of protected green forest and organic gardens. Situated in the eastern Pyrenees in the south of France. The house and gardens are on a ridge where you can see both the sun rise in the east and set in the west, the Mediterranean in the distance and have a great view of the sacred Canigou mountain of Catalonia. This area is famous for incredible fresh stream water, river swimming, natural hot baths, abundant local and Spanish produce, camping, hiking and great lighting. Generally everyone speaks french but Bluette is fluent in English. There is a plenty of wild edible herbs, vegetable and herb gardens, fruit trees and berry bushes. Food is usually organic fruits, veggies, herbs, nuts, fresh (non wheat) bread, brown rice, spices, oils, and fresh carrot juice. The water comes from a spring on the property and is delicious. A peaceful, calm, tranquil, inspiring and quiet environment where the focus has been “gentleness and harmony” since 1964 when Vivien first arrived. There is always something to do in the gardens and orchards or around the large house (9+ rooms). The Douceur et Harmonie property is owned by an association and is strictly vegan (no smoking, no alcohol, no meat or animal products) and keen on the ethical and loving treatment of animals. Hence, D et H has been the home of many vegetarian animals such a birds, geese, ducks, rabbits, roosters and chickens; however, carnivorous animals such as dogs and cats are not welcome due to their tendency to attack the above animals (this has happened in the past). If you have a very gentle vegan/vegetarian dog, that is a different story. Solar heated water, solar ovens, and spring water swimming pool. Water source is the spring on the land. The traditional stone(huge)farm house is over 200 years old.

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