ECOlonie – Centre Ecologique International

ECOlonie is an eco-village situated in the Northeast of France – the Department of the Vogese: right in the heart of western Europe.

This community dates back as far as 1989. There are about 17 permanent residents and each year approx. 150 volunteers (from all over the world) come to help.. Annually some 2,500 guests visit our community staying at the hostel, in the lodges or at the natural campsite. Many of them work with us or take part in workshops.

The community is firmly based on an organic way of living and working, tied in with art and spirituality. Here within the community is open and not dogmatic.

ECOlonie is an international meeting place where consciously living people will feel at home. On top of the amenities for the guests there are:

  • Large organic vegetable and herb gardens
  • Facilities to prepare herbs and herbal oils
  • An organic goat and cheese farm
  • An art studio

This beautiful and well organised eco-village welcomes everybody who would like to stay here as a guest, or as a volunteer who wishes to contribute to the development of this community.

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