Eotopia is an experimental space where we experiment a way of life that’s the most natural possible. We are open to visitors, looking for new members as well. We have a set of strong values such as veganism, gift economy, permaculture, and unschooling. We have been on site since June 2016 and we have 8 full-time residents so far. The place is 3 hectares with a house and some barns.

Our current vision is:

Eotopia is a forest.

We’re part of an ecosystem where beings learn and experiment in harmony with nature. Every one of us is conscious of the living world and its limited resources.

In the forest, we cooperate and exchange in an atmosphere of confidence. By listening to our personal needs and those of others, we approach inner love and peace. We grow together and we find balance through horizontality and equity. Our diversity is a source of resilience and our joyful simplicity is a path towards abundance.

Eotopia offers an alternative space of harmony in a world of constant acceleration. We expand the forest by opening our arms and our paths for all. We have confidence in everyone to do their best for the forest to spread.


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Intentional, Permaculture Project, Eco Community, Ecovillage
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Spanish, English, French
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