Kasteel Nieuwenhoven

Kasteel Nieuwenhoven is a new and evolving project located on an a 20 Hectare estate consisting of historic buildings (Castle and Farm) surrounded by woodlands, farmland and lakes. In this magical setting a small group of people are experimenting with and discovering ways of living together in harmony with nature and themselves. Living off the land – Permaculture, Forestry and other Ecological ways to self-sufficiency are an important part of the communities activities. Parallel to this are various educational activities which serve to share and spread these skills and approaches with more people as well as generating a modest income . The core vision of the project is “the willingness to live your true greatness”. This vision underlies the various activities and organisations active at the Castle. The Castle serves as a venue for groups and courses and offers guest facilities. It is home to a Permaculture School and a new Communnity Supported Agriculture scheme, relying on the extensive permaculture gardens. The beautiful surroundings make this a specially good place for residential programs and long-staying guests. Most recent of these is the Young Life Art (YLA) Program for young adults.
Many of the buildings on the property are in poor condition or in need of conversion into living quarters; carrying this out and financing the extensive work is one of the communities big challenges.

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