L’Ecojardin du Périgord

The éco-jardin du Périgord wants to be an independent, ecological village. Neighbourhood shall be as important as the autonomy of the people.

In the village there is place for at least 100 people, a village without mayor and church. Neither spiritual nor politic conventions are given here, everyone is welcome.
We want to show that it’s possible for everyone to live ecological and sustainable without a big effort. You should neither wave comfort nor invest a tremendous amount of time in heating and gardening.

For starting the project we look for people, who want to make this vision reality.

There is about 140 000m² of land. At the moment there is a main house together with two holiday homes. The big house offers you numerous rooms, that are now used as guestrooms. Furthermore you find here a canteen kitchen, an authentic oven and a micro-brewery. This present a lot of possibilities to use it: As a restaurant, for conferences,art-studio…
A part of the project can also be used for tourism.

The task now is to find individuals or families who want to live here. Who want to keep their own, independend live and yet also to participate in the community.
You can buy a piece of land from the owner and build your home. The houses shall be build in the style of the local tradition, low-energy-house. For building the houses we offer a simple concept to save time and money. With the simplicity of this concept it is possible to build the house by yourself. Only small apply with electricity or water is necessary. Furthermore the food can mainly be self-produced as there is enough land to use.

If YOU want to move to the countryside live in an international community and to live easily in harmony with nature, please contact us!

Gerolf Jacobs

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Eco-tourism, Permaculture Project
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Rural, Urban
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GEN Europe
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Under construction
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English, German
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Seeds, Food & Soil, Renewable Energy & Transport, Lifelong Education, Water Cycles, Trust & Communication, Leadership & Governance
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45.453, 1.16897