New Ecovillage Project

For now I only have a dream and an idea, how it gonna look like.

I will try to update the information about the project daily.

a short description would be: ecovillage with people that want to build a new community based on trust and love. People that gained experience in the “real life” and got themselves a profession (every single one of you is welcome! From theater graduate to doctor through gardener) and now want to have a better life with more meaning.

The Ecovillage is supposed to be self-sustaining. We can develop a business plan to generate real money, so we can also enjoy the “outside world” – each of us has material needs, that shouldn’t be ignored! No matter if it’s a vacation in another land or a stereo system – all needs are welcome 🙂 Some ideas for a business plan: EcoTourism, Summer Camps, sales of our products (bread, vegs etc).

The following is a kind of brain-storming not edited text, which may repeat some of the things mentioned above:

I don’t want to change the world, I want to change my world.

Building small communities in which you get what you need and give what you can.

Making sure that each individual knows that he’s an extremely important part of the system. That without him the system won’t function.

Knowing that your living standards depend on your corporation would make sure people stay motivated.

Jealousy provokes evil intentions. Make sure each individual’s potential is fully used in order to increase self-esteem and the feeling of importance.

Extremely populated places create unnecessary competition in which valuable resources are invested.

Waking up to a life where you directly contribute to your growth and to the growth of your community.

The village belongs to all members. Income splits equally.

Creating jobs places by ideas and green services to the world – Software, Groceries, Cosmetics etc.

Green service or business makes sure we don’t exploit any resources. The energy we use must be environment friendly. Growth of business depends on existing natural and human resources.

Innovation must always consider the rest of the world: The nature and other human beings.

If a system must cut down resources of one class for the benefit of the public – the system is wrong.

Demand based on supply! No need to exploit resources in order to meet growing demand.

Trying to make a process cheaper must only be based on time and not exploitation.

Ecovillage based with transparency, trust and respect.

People, that gained experience in the “real life” and got themselves a profession – Anything from theatre grad to medical doctor through gardener.

Create a better lifestyle with more meaning.

Support each other and grow together.

The Ecovillage’s goal is to become self-sustaining.

Develop a business plan, so we can generate real world money and enjoy the “outside world” whether if it’s going to the cinema, having a vacation abroad, buy a new stereo system etc.
Ideas for business:
• Ecotourism.
• Summer camps for grown-ups, kids and teenagers.
• Sale own products, such as bread, vegs etc.
• Seminars and info days for eco-starters & friends.
• Digital services

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