The ecovillage Noordeland started to realize it’s community in April 2019 on the premises of the former Potato starch factory in Ter Apel, Netherlands. The area exists of 4.5 hectares of buildings, roads, storage halls and storage pits partly covered with asbestos roofing and infested by some pollution, the other 4.5 hectares are flood fields which do need cleaning but are suitable for house construction. At this moment there are 9 permanent inhabitants and 11 intending to become so within the next year. In September 2019 the municipality has granted us a license to specifically develop an ecological community here and now the site can be taken over from the former owners for the amount of €1,- including the obligation to resolve the pollution.
We are in the process of constructing our group center, installing the storage buildings for production purposes and enterprises, improving the sewage water treatment and water supply, the electricity and a multi purpose rocket stove as well as the insulation of buildings. Meanwhile we focus on the team building and social network with the outside community. We investigate the best practices for cleaning the asbestos and other pollution.
We are on our way.
With grateful and kindest regards,
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Fedde Jorritsma for all of us Noordeland, Ter Apel

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