I’m looking for people who would like to create a Permavillage to transform agricultural land into a refuge for biodiversity with a stable population of Permavillagers, who would be housed in mobile/light habitats: yurts, tiny houses, etc.

To ensure the sustainability of the Permavillage we’ll produce and recycle everything on site using permaculture techniques.

We will not use any fossil fuels, including hidden oil, i.e. (1) oil that is needed to extract the minerals and metals needed to make the many objects we use every day, as well as (2) oil used as a raw material such as plastics, synthetic textiles, rubbers, etc.

I currently live in Namur (Belgium) and I plan to hold meetings on Sundays, starting on 6 October 2019. The founding group will seek solutions to access several hectares of agricultural land and transform it into a haven of biodiversity.

The aim is to install hives in order to produce 100% organic honey, to grow medicinal plants that are antibiotic, antiviral, etc.; to collect rainwater, to produce/grow (1) our food, (2) wood to cook and heat us, (3) our own seeds and (4) carbon plants to feed the soil.

100% local means that nothing can enter and also that nothing can exit the Permavillage, therefore we’ll have to recycle all our waste. We’ll produce our heat thanks to the rocket stove technique.

The bees’ foraging area being about 50km² (circle of 4km radius), it will probably be necessary to make a compromise, because finding a 5000 hectare site seems unrealistic.

The model of governance will be shared governance, including decision by mutual consent, use of the six-hat method, circle practice, non-violent communication and thematic Circles.

There are 18 thematic Circles at the moment: Biodiversity, Clothing, Energy, Everyday objects, Food and drink, Games and Leisure, Health, Heat, Housing, Hygiene, Lighting, Needs, Population, Recycling, Safety and security, Tools, Water, Well-being.

You are free to participate in one or more Circles of your choice.

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