Shanti-shanti village

Shanti – world, peace, harmony
Our little village is a large, free and beautiful world where people live in harmony with nature, outer and inner world, themselves and all others.
We will try to create an atmosphere of freedom, creativity, simplicity and peace in this place.
For the moment we are looking for a land in France or in Spain.
We don’t set any period of construction; we are not in a hurry, and want to build our nest slowly and lovingly, treating all the little things and details creatively. Most of the interior details will be simple, made with our own hands.

We plan to build housing for both residents and visitors (tourists) in the village.
Housing and catering prices for guests will be not high. By creating this place, we do not aim to make money, but rather try to create a space where the money does not play a leading role and your freedom and happiness do not depend on it.
We will try to minimize their circulation by using renewable energy sources, making most things with our own hands, growing food and, in most cases, getting it from nature rather than from the stores.
All Free School classes, sports and children’s playgrounds, circus and water activities will be either free or for donations. Much attention will be paid to the children’s classes. We support home schooling through games. For physical development, playgrounds, rope park and climbing slide will be built, and the circus will have acrobatic classes. Free School has a lot of sports activities. We plan to build a Family Home for the present and future parents, where lectures will be read on natural family planning, natural informed home birth, and harmonious development of our children.
Our entire philosophy is just our choice. We do not impose any rules or regulations for residents and visitors. We share our vision of life, but we don’t strive to teach people how to live. We do not adhere to any religion; our ideology is peace and love. We think that in order to create a happy world, you need to make yourself and a few other people happy. If everyone does so, this world will turn into a beautiful garden. We started with ourselves and invite you to join us!

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